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Configure, Price, Quote

The CPQ that takes you further

Boost sales of complex products with the CPQ that is designed for self-service.

Combinum CPQ extends the Configure, Price, Quote concept with capabilities like driving of 3D visualizations, generation of BOMs, multi-purpose reporting, integration mechanisms and much more.

Combinum comes with an easy-to-learn modelling tool by which you build and maintain your configuration models without the need for constant consultancy expenses.

Combinum runs equally well in the Azure cloud and on-premises.

Trusted by leading companies

Streamline your business

Combinum streamlines your quote-to-production process all the way from inquiry to assembled product.

Tasks like quote writing, price calculation, drawing and computing of bill of materials can be automated and your workforce can increase their focus on your core business.

All automation tasks are driven by the rule engine of the configurator and by having both the sales configurator functionality and the product configurator functionality under a common hood the maintenance work for the administrators is drastically reduced.

CPQ for Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower your sales team with CPQ inside the market-leading sales tool Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps your organization sell more by understanding your customer’s needs and the way the want to buy.

Combinum adds strong configuration capabilities, option-based price calculations and smart reports in this tight integration. The user works seamlessly in the integrated CRM and CPQ environment with a single sign-on.

Guide your sales managers

Combinum can guide the selection and configuration of any type of product or service and effectively minimize the risk of incorrect orders - what cannot be produced cannot be ordered.

To select the correct combination of options by answering dozens or hundreds of questions when configuring a product is a challenging task even for an expert.

With its intuitive user interface Combinum can effectively guide your sales manager through the maze of options.

How has Combinum CPQ helped others?

Combinum met our needs for simplicity and accessibility and we have received first class service throughout the implementation process.

Mattias Feldthusen, Product Director, Nordic Water Products


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