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A CPQ with the modules you need

Combinum is designed for companies that manufacture configurable, multi-option products and aim to enhance their sales and order productivity.

Combinum is a highly scalable configurator in terms of configuration complexity, number of users and level of functionality. With its modules, Combinum is built to let you purchase exactly the configurator functionality that you actually need.

Solution overview

Classic CPQ functionality:

Solution License Part of the core package
Parametric configuration with UI design, rules, basic pricing and the modelling tool.
Combinum Sales Configurator
Hierarchical price lists with rules and formulas, discounts, currencies and versioning.
Combinum Advanced Pricing
Quoting with configuration of multiple quote lines  and generation of quote letters.
Combinum Composite + 
Combinum Reports
Customer management
Management of customers and data like addresses, price list, currency and terms.
Combinum Customer Management


Extended CPQ functionality:

Solution License Part of the core package
Calculation and data lookup
Calculation of data in real time using rules, formulas, matrixes and dictionaries.
Combinum Product Data
Creation of reports for many purposes with a high freedom in design and content.
Combinum Reports
System configuration
Configuration of systems with a hierarchy of interdependent child configurations.
Combinum Composite
Bill of materials
Generation of bill of materials with dynamic content, quantities and properties.
Combinum Structure  
Making the CPQ multi-lingual with translation of both the system and the content.
Combinum Multi-language  
2D visualization
Rule driven vector graphics, rendered in real time in the browser or as downloads.
Combinum Graphics  
3D visualization
Embedding of dynamic 3D visualizations that are driven by JSON from the CPQ.
Combinum Code  


Integrations and customizations:

Solution License Part of the core package
C# Editor
Development of C# code for integrations and extensions of the CPQ software.
Combinum Sales Configurator
Automated flows
Setup of triggers and creation of workflows for automatic actions and integrations.
Combinum Sales Configurator
Output and web services
Design of output in formats like JSON and XML and exposure as web service methods.
Combinum Code  
Dynamics 365 Sales integration
Integration that gives access to CPQ from the UI of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
Dynamics 365 Sales integration  


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