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Flow automation

Setup triggers and create workflows for integrations and other automated processes.

Integrations are typically triggered by events like when a quote is sent to a customer, or when an order is placed. To facilitate this, automated flows can be triggered by state changes.

Once triggered, a flow can execute different actions like making web service calls and running C# code. The result from one action can control which action that shall run next.

Available features

  • Flow triggers for events like save, button pressed, and state changed.
  • Flow actions like calling a web service, running C# code, adding/removing configurations etc.
  • Connection of actions to triggers.
  • Chaining of actions.
  • C# coding inside the modelling tool with the RoslynPad C# editor.
  • Access to a simplified C# API and the full C# API.
  • Queries and mutations of data using GraphQL.


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