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Nordic Water

A leading provider of energy efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Sector Water treatment

Company Nordic Water Products AB / Sulzer

Employees 220 / 15,000

Main challenges

  • Dimensioning of water treatment plants.
  • Need for expert knowledge about processes to create a quote.

Product Director at Nordic Water

Mattias Feldthusen

We at Nordic Water have started our digital journey towards a more sustainable society through the water purification products we supply. In this plan, there is a vision to offer our dealers the opportunity to dimension our products themselves based on their customers' conditions and needs.

Combinum CPQ met our needs for simplicity and accessibility, and we have received first class service throughout the implementation process.

The company

Nordic Water

Nordic Water develops and sells equipment and systems for both large and small water and sewage treatment plants and industries.

The company is at the technological forefront, is engineer-oriented, and works with technical solutions and original ideas that revolutionize the sector and drive the industry forward.

Nordic Water is part of the Sulzer Group, which is a world leader in fluid technology and chemical process applications with 180 manufacturing sites.

The project


Creating a quotation for a water treatment plant requires both expertise and experience, although various Excel sheets had been produced over the years to support the quotation process.

The main challenge in the project was to transform the many years of knowledge found in individual sellers, as well as existing Excel-based solutions, into an easy-to-understand and user-friendly configurator that provides support to both newer sellers and experienced experts.

The project


The configurator was modeled to make it as easy as possible for the user by asking questions that are generally available to the customer. Based on questions about the customer's application and process data, a number of choices are then made automatically and are the basis for dimensioning the solution. At the same time, there are opportunities for the expert user to fine tune the solution by unlocking and manually setting selections that have otherwise been made automatically.

The further configuration and dimensioning process is independent of whether selections have been set automatically via rules and formulas or manually by the user.


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