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Calculation and data lookup

Quotes often contain loads of product data. This data can refer to performance figures, energy consumption, weight, delivery time, certifications and more. All this can be managed and generated by Combinum.

The product data is generated in real time, through calculations and data lookup in tables, as the user configures the product. The generated data can be used downstream in, for example price lists, bill-of-materials, and reports.

There is also a user interface that lets sales managers perform selections in filtered and sorted table data.

Available features

  • Calculations in real-time.
  • Calculations of Boolean, double, integer and string values.
  • Sequential calculations where the result of one calculation can be used further down.
  • Math operations.
  • Finding the minimum or maximum value from multiple calculations.
  • Conditional operator that allows embedded if / else syntax in formulas.
  • Calculations across sibling configurations and between parent and child configurations.
  • Lookup of data in tables with key columns.
  • Interpolation of table data.
  • User interface for end user selections inside table data.


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