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Dynamic output

Design output to other systems in formats like XML and JSON.

Combinum lets you design the output in the modelling tool without any need for coding. The output can contain configuration data or any generated data like calculations, prices and bill-of-materials.

Then take the next step and make the output accessible to the external system as a web service with a simple click of a button. The web service is protected via token based authentication.

Available features

  • Built-in output engines for XML, JSON and TXT formats.
  • Possibility to register custom output engines for other formats including binary formats.
  • Dynamic content, driven by rules and formulas.
  • Iterators for looping lists of data like parameters, bill of materials and prices.
  • Traversal of child configurations in quotes and system configurations.
  • Rich XML formatting with namespaces, elements, attributes, comments, values and CData.
  • Definition of which text encoding to use.
  • Publishing of output as web service methods.
  • Token based authentication for web service methods.


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