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Design reports for many purposes

Reports and integrations are the enablers that let you automate steps in the quote-to-production process and take full advantage of CPQ system’s possibilities.

Reports from Combinum can be much more than quotation letters. Examples from our customers include order acknowledgements, specifications, bill of materials, assembly instructions, spare parts list, schemas, and price analyses.

The reports are built using the modelling tool, Combinum Architect, and you are free to create the design you desire and include all the configuration data that you need - anything from price values to generated graphics.

Available features

  • Design of reports using Word elements like paragraphs, tables etc.
  • Automatic conversion from DOCX to PDF format.
  • Report content driven by rules and formulas.
  • Import of Word styles from existing documents to use in the report design.
  • Iterators for looping lists of data like parameters, bill of materials and prices.
  • Embedding of dynamically generated graphics.
  • Traversal of child configurations in quotes and system configurations.
  • Rich formatting capabilities like headers, field codes, list types, cell spans, table style options.
  • Password protected editing restrictions.
  • Reuse of report subsets between reports.


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