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CPQ for Dynamics 365 Sales

Do you have multi-option products and use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales as your CRM tool? Adding Combinum is the perfect choice.

Combinum provides CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) functionality that greatly enhances the quoting process of Dynamics 365 Sales.

When configuring products, Combinum guides the user, ensures that selected options fit together, asks relevant questions, and makes sure that mandatory choices have been made.

With multi-option products comes the need of option-based pricing. Combinum lets you connect prices to options and use formulas. Even discounting can be made per option.

Another challenge of complex products is the compilation of quote letters. This is done automatically by Combinum and again driven by rules and formulas. Saving loads of time and ensuring correctness.

Best of all, everything is closely integrated and accessible from the user interface of Dynamics 365 Sales.

Natural collaboration

The way Combinum interacts with the CRM functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales makes for a natural collaboration.

Dynamics 365 Sales provides tools for building relationships, doing analyses, and managing customers and deals in a broad view. Combinum provides the CPQ functionality for making quotes of multi-option products in a smart way.

The integration supports synchronization in both directions giving the user flexibility in how to work. Simple products that may have been created in Dynamics can be used in quotes together with products configured in Combinum.

Future editing and revising are also independent of the workflow set-up. This leads to a simple and personalized experience.

Agile multi-option products

The agility of multi-option products is a key to competitiveness by allowing adaptation of quotes to customers' needs.

But the agility is also a source of complexity that creates challenges in quoting, ordering and production. The solution is to put knowledge of engineers as product logic inside Combinum.

By minimizing the complexity and automating tasks, the quotation process becomes intuitive and efficient.

Being a full-fledged configurator Combinum can do much more. The challenges of multi-option products don't end with the quotation.

Combinum can automate all sorts of data that is needed downstream in the order process like bill-of-materials, operation sequences, drawings, assembly instructions, data to processing machines, various reports etc.


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