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Multi-language solution

Globalization brings people and businesses closer together. With the CPQ system in local languages ​​you can increase your competitiveness, access new markets and expand your sales network.

The multi-language solution of Combinum CPQ allows you to have both the product data and the actual system in any number of languages and this also includes languages with multibyte characters like Chinese and Japanese.

Available features

  • Unlimited number of languages.
  • Language preference per user.
  • Settings for which fields to translate.
  • Collection of phrases that are used in several places so that only a single translation per language is needed.
  • Identification of phrases that remain to be translated.
  • Suppression of translation for parts of texts that don't need to be translated like numbers.
  • Support for multibyte characters.
  • Export and import of phrases via Microsoft Excel.


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