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System configuration

Many products like elevators, section built hydraulic valves, solar panels and automation lines are systems where different parts are configured individually but at the same time are dependent on each other.

All modules of Combinum are built to work excellently in system configuration scenarios and you can create as many configuration levels as you need.

Combinum also supports automatic and rule-driven creation of child configurations. You can for example have a parameter for the number of landings of an elevator and the corresponding landing configurations are created automatically.

Available features

  • System configuration with child configurations in multiple levels.
  • Inheritance of parameter values from parent to child configurations.
  • System support for:
    • Calculations
    • Bill of materials
    • Pricing
    • Reports
    • Graphics
    • Data output
  • Rules between siblings, parent and child configurations.
    Done by using attribute formulas or template expression rules.
  • Automatic and rule-driven creation of child configurations.


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