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Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat’s Forklift Division supply forklifts to over 90 countries.

Sector Forklifts and warehouse equipment

Company Doosan Bobcat, regions EMEA and ALAO

Employees 38,500 (in the group)

Main challenges

  • Large dealer network (+400 users)
  • Maintenance of 50 different product series
  • Configuration and pricing differences between markets
  • Prices need to be calculated for both customers and dealers

Marketing supervisor Material Handling Doosan Bobcat EMEA

Jan Droogendijk

With Combinum CPQ we have offered an increasing number of markets and resellers the ability to customize each individual forklift. An accurate quote can now be configured within minutes.

Considering our large dealer network and highly configurable forklifts, it was very important for us to choose a system with a user-friendly interface.

The last years we have streamlined our order process and let the resellers put their orders in QuoteIt, which is our name of our CPQ solution.

The company

Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat is part of the Doosan Group which is a Korean multinational company founded in 1896. The name Doosan is a combined word of "doo (a unit of measurement of grain)" and "san (mountain)" meaning "small grains of sand which together make a mountain".

Today, the Doosan Group employs over 38,500 people in 33 different countries.

Doosan Bobcat's Forklifts Division supplies forklifts to over 90 countries. Over 100 models of electric, gas and diesel powered forklifts are offered. The business is divided into three regions, each managed by its own headquarters – EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), ALAO (Asia, Latin America, Oceania) and NA (North America).

Combinum CPQ was first introduced in the EMEA region and is currently being introduced in the ALAO region.

The project


The EMEA region consists of a number of internal markets with variations in what options can be offered, with different price lists and different languages.

Prices must be calculated for both customers and dealers, and this is further complicated by different price lists by region and fluctuating currencies.

Due to the large dealer network, it is difficult to reach out with trainings, so the CPQ system must be very easy to learn and use.

The project


Doosan Bobcat has named their Combinum-based CPQ solution QuoteIt. The system is deployed in the Azure cloud and accessed via the web browser for both the quoting system and the modeling tool.

Based on selected options, a BOM is generated with all order items required for the purchase. The BOM is then transferred, recalculated and derived to end customer prices and presented to the user both online during configuration and in the generated quote letter and the purchase order report.

The system is maintained in English, but is automatically translated into the user's language based on her preferences. The multi-language solution of Combinum CPQ is used for this.

A dealer control panel has been custom built from the Doosan Bobcat. From this panel, dealers can manage addresses, margins and more.


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