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2D graphics with drag & drop

Combinum CPQ has a built-in graphics engine for visualization of configured products in real time while the user makes the selections.

This solution targets everything that is suitable to represent using rule-driven vector graphics. Some typical examples include installation drawings for elevators, placement of solar panels on a roof and hydraulic schemas for valves.

By combining the 2D graphics with Combinum’s flow actions, both clickable graphics and drag & drop can be achieved for an interactive user experience.

Available features

  • Design of graphics in the modelling tool Combinum Architect.
  • Elements for arc, circle, ellipse, image, line, path, polyline, polygon, rectangle, symbol and text.
  • Support for driving graphical attributes like measurements, position, flip, rotation, text, color etc. by formulas.
  • Gathering of graphic elements in symbols in any number of levels.
  • Dynamical patterns of symbols shall be repeated.
  • Rules for controlling which symbols are included.
  • Gradients for creation of natural looking surfaces.
  • Functions for color manipulation and color conversions with support for RAL.
  • Downloading of graphics in the formats SVG, DXF, PNG and PDF.
  • Responsive sizing of graphics according to available area on the web page.
  • Support for embedding of generated graphics in reports.


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