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Quoting of configured products

The quoting features allow you to create an offer with multiple configured and priced products.

The quote letter is set up using the report engine that gives you full control of both design and content. If you today are using a Word template when creating quote letters, you can import its paragraph and table styles to Combinum.

You keep track of the quotes by their status and can create new revisions when customers come back with modified requests. Existing quotes can also be used as templates when creating new quotes.

Available features

  • Quoting with quote lines of configured products.
  • Copy and paste of quote lines including configuration data.
  • Import of quote lines from previously made quotes.
  • Overview of prices at the quote level and drill-down into configurations.
  • Design of quote letters with product specific content.
  • Parametric quotes with support for rules.
  • State management
  • Revision management.
  • Reuse of previously made quotes and template quotes.
  • Flexible numbering system.


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