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3D visualization

Grow your sale through stunning 3D models that are updated in real-time. With 3D visualization you create an engaging buying experience and make it easier for your customers to make business decisions.

With Combinum's 3D integration you can use high-performing 3D engines like BabylonJS and PlayCanvas to create beautiful visualizations driven by a JSON feed from Combinum.

If you need help with creation of 3D models and the scripts to manipulate these, we have experts with solid knowledge in both CPQ and 3D visualization.

Available features

  • Support for 3D engines that run, plug-in free, in major browsers via WebGL.
  • Generic solution that is independent of a specific 3D engine.
  • Feed of the 3D visualization via JSON.
  • Automatic discovery when an update of the visualization is needed.
  • Simple API with a test page for verification of 3D visualizations.
  • Responsive sizing of visualizations according to available area on the web page.
  • Encapsulation of different visualizations and 3D libraries without the need of coding.


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