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Dynamical bill of materials

A configurable bill of materials (CBOM) is a fundamental part of automating the ordering process when you have products with multiple options. Copying and pasting of template BOMs with manual +/- changes is both labor-intensive and error-prone.

Combinum gives you a high degree of freedom in how you can build your CBOMs and the modelling interface with a visual tree navigation gives you are great overview.

Generated BOMs can be presented in the user interface, be part of reports or output as JSON or XML in web services for integration to the ERP system.

Available features

  • Bill of materials for different purposes like picking lists and spare parts lists.
  • Rules for controlling which parts that are included.
  • Formulas for quantities and other calculated properties like width and height.
  • Formulas for context information like the RAL number of a painted part.
  • Summation of BOMs from multi-level to single-level.
  • Fictitious parts that are suppressed on summation to a single-level BOM.
  • Proxy parts that are replaced by real parts through a formula.
  • Connection of parts to operation sequences.
  • Real time presentation of BOMs in the configuration interface.
  • Database storage of generated BOMs.
  • Support for manual additions and subtractions to generated BOMs.


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